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wwe wedgie diva

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When Kaitlyn told the WWE NXT audience she was the kind of gal who’d kiss you behind the bleachers and then give you a wedgie, she wasn’t kidding.
WWE Wedgie Stories
  • WWE Kaitlyn Finisher: Wedgie Flatliner.

  • First Name: Vickie: Middle Name: Lynn: Last Name: Guerrero: Birth Name: Victoria Lynn Lara: Ring Name: The Cougar: Nick Names: Lara: Date of Birth: April 16 th, 1968
    Mobil Market | Bombas e Comandos. Kaitlyn

    I was watching the diva battle royal and natalya was pulling on kaitlyn underwear
    Folllow me on Twitter @al3_jim3nez @Mcheetah Some Divas really improved like Kelly, Eve, the Bellas, Layla.. Alicia, Maryse was a better wrestler when
    About Celeste/Kaitlyn  Kaitlyn.

    wwe wedgie diva

    Wrestling Wedgies WWE Kaitlyn Wedgie

    Wwe natalya gives kaitlyn a wedgie.